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Components manufacturing – sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal formation

HAJDU Autotechnika Ipari Plc. – as supplier to the automotive industry – is available to customers with a wide range of technological capabilities and broad automotive industry product profile.

We use a variety of corrosion-resistant alloys containing austenite, ferrite, and cold-rolled steel and aluminium raw materials for the manufacturing of components. The majority of our products are automotive industry components made using sheet metal fabrication and formation. However, we accept orders for other products that can be produced using the technologies at our disposal.

Our automotive industry product range (almost 1500 component types) can be grouped into six main categories:

  • complete exhaust silencers,
  • exhaust system components (shell, pipe, funnel and manifold sheet metal components),
  • alternator and starter motor components,
  • seat-back components (seat backs, stiffeners etc.),
  • smaller bodywork elements (stiffeners, connectors etc.),
  • double-sheet, die-stamped, perforated components.

As a result of our extensive automotive industry activities our products can be found in virtually all car and commercial vehicle brands manufactured in Europe.
Our other, non-automotive industry product ranges can be grouped into three main categories:

  • pump components (base plates, fan housings etc.),
  • components built into lighting appliances,
  • custom sheet metal products, cut to size.