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AAA Bisnode rating

2016. january 26.

Bisnode D&B has been rating companies at international level on the basis of their reliability since 1908. Their company information and company rating services are among the most extensive solutions throughout Europe.

In Hungary, companies have had the opportunity of showing – in the form of a business reliability certificate – that the company is a recognized, reliable and creditworthy enterprise, since 1996.

"AAA, "AA" and "A" grading take into account numerous variables, establishing on statistical bases which are Hungary’s most reliable companies. The rating reveals the following about the given business corporation: how stable it is as a market player, and it can signal to partners that the company is a low risk, that they can do business with it safely and can reckon on it in the long term.

A mere 0.63% of companies in Hungary hold "AAA" ("triple A") status. Establishing business relations with such companies means that the financial risks are extremely low.

Based on the performance for 2015, our company was once again considered worthy of an "AAA" rating, therefore we remain among the select band of the country’s elite enterprises.

Our rating sends a message to the market that Autotechnika – as a reliable business partner – represents an excellent opportunity.

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